Lab Rules

No food or drink in the Lab. Store your extra things at the storage area near the door.

Sound expectations. Be considerate to other patrons in the lab. Much work here involves a great deal of concentration and noise levels should be kept at t minimum. Cell phones are permitted but we ask that extended calls be taken outside the lab.

Save your work. Always back up your work to your own computer, to a flash drive, or to One Drive, before closing out your session. There is no guarantee your work will be saved on the hard drive at your next log in. Between Macs you can use AirDrop.

Printing and scanning. Ask for help, follow the steps on the signs, and learn the entire process. The printers and scanners may be used for class assignments and Independent Study projects. If you need to scan something that is “messy, ask for assistance – there are specific scanners just for that purpose.

Printing for Art course-related projects only. Printing in this lab is checked against your studio fees. Most printing is included in your specific course as part of a lab fee. Printing beyond those allowances is not included and subject to separate billing. Charges for printing include anything that you accidentally print. The lab does not provide printing for personal or campus organization purposes.

Do not change ink cartridges without staff or faculty present. Ink cartridge use in the lab is carefully monitored and on a strict budget. If you are unable to print due to low ink, come back during open lab hours to print your project.

Respect the equipment and other users. Always log out when you are finished with your session. Always back up your project, as work is not always saved on the laptops. Make use of your OneDrive account accessible through your outlook email.

Keep the lab clean. Monitors and scanner glass – spray glass cleaner on cleaning cloths, then wipe the glass. Keyboards and mice – use alcohol wipes when the computer is logged out or off.

Detailed Cleaning Instructions

Digital Lab Rules printable pdf