Paper and Ink


The Ebert Digital Lab stocks paper that is supplied by the Art Department specifically for courses held here.  In most cases, the lab fees associated with your course cover what you will need in the Lab.  If you are planning a Junior or Senior Independent Study project that requires a unique printing component, please consult with your IS advisor or the Technology Specialist, Jodi Robison. We can help you navigate your options.

Some things to consider when choosing paper are:  size, color, opacity, texture, and surface workabilty if using multiple mediums.

We currently have the following paper choices

  • Red River 60lb  Polar Matte C1S (coated on one side), 8.5 ” x 11″
  • Epson Premier Presentation Matte C1S,  13″ x 19″
  • Boise Polaris 80lb. Bristol,  8.5 ” x 11″
  • Red River Ultra Pro Satin, 24″ on a roll
  • Red River 60# Polar Matte, 24″ on a roll
  • Red River Premium Luster 300 gsm, 24″ on a roll
  • Red River Premium Luster 260 gsm, 16″ on a roll
  • Red River 68lb Ultra Pro Gloss, 24″ on a roll
  • Arista 5mil OHP Transparency film 24″ on a roll (reserved for printmaking)
  • A-Sub dye-sublimation transfer paper, 11″ x 17″  (reserved for printmaking)

We also have samples of many papers – especially Red River Brand. If you are ordering your own paper, stop in the Lab to see and feel the samples so you know your options before ordering specialty papers.


Different papers use different ink

We have Epson printers that have both Photo Black (PK) and Matte Black (MK) ink on-board.  This means it is crucially important to know which ink is used on which paper. You must specify the ink choice in two places:

  • On the Epson printer interactive touch screen
  • In the print setting dialog boxes within photoshop on the computer you are printing from

In general, the matte papers require Matte Black ink and the gloss papers require Photo Black ink, but if you are using Red River paper, please refer to this list. The ink in this Lab is very expensive and directly tied to art lab fees.  Please print with high attention to detail in all of the print dialog boxes.